Words you need to know when writing (and their meanings) D-G

For A-C please see previous posts.


Denouement. The end of your story where everything comes together.

Dialogue. Words spoken by characters.

Draft. Your first, unedited, unchecked, version of a piece of writing.


eBook. A book that is published electronically (usually read on an eReader).

Edit. To make changes to written work to make it ready for publication. Don’t do it yourself – you’ll miss things.

Editor. The person who edits written work. Hire one!

Editorial. An article that expresses the editor’s opinion (generally in a newspaper in regard to current trends/news).

Endnote. Found at the end of a book, this is an explanation of a point/points within the work.

eReader. Device for reading eBooks.


Fair use. The right to use a small piece of a work (usually less than 10%) for educational or illustrative purposes. Attributable, and must not infringe copyright.

First rights. A publisher may ask for this – it gives them the right to publish first but does not preclude others from publishing at a later date.

Font. Different forms of typeface (e.g. Times New Roman, Calibri, etc). Use of different fonts alters the appearance of written work. When submitting to an agent/publisher, check their font requirements (if any) and make sure you submit using what they want.

Footnote. Placed at the bottom of a page as an explanation of a point within that page.

Format. How a manuscript is laid out. Includes font, spacing, margins, and indentations.

Front matter. These are the pages at the beginning of a book, for example, the title page, table of contents, etc.


Genre. The type of book written. Examples are fantasy, romance, horror etc.

Ghostwriter. Is hired by someone to write for them. The ghostwriter remains anonymous and the hirer receives credit for the completed work.


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