Alphabetical List of Meanings when Writing B – C

Back matter. The pages at the end of a book.


Back matter. The pages at the end of a book. (Bibliography, acknowledgements, links, etc.)

Backlist. Previously written books that are still in print.

Backstory. Gives an idea of what has happened before the events of the main story – a brief history of characters or events – sometimes written as character memories or flashbacks. Be aware that giving too much backstory can take away from the main story – so less is more.

Beta readers. Authors send their work to beta readers for feedback before publishing. These are usually the second port of call for a check on their work, the first being to an alpha reader.

Bibliography. The place to give credit to the people/books/articles which gave you your answers in your research for your own book or article.

Biography. The life story of someone that is written by someone else.

Blurb. A short description of a book intended to ‘hook’ a reader into buying it.

Boilerplate. Cliched or predictable writing.

Byline. Where you are credited as the author of an article. (Newspaper/magazine articles.)

Citation. A piece of information taken from a written work. (Usually attributable in the bibliography.)

Climax. The high point of your story.

Clips. Samples of a published writer’s work .

Copy editing. Editing (checking) text for errors in spelling, grammar, and consistency.

Copyright. The legal right of ownership of your work.

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