Words you need to know when writing (and their meanings)

Beginning with A:


I thought it may be helpful to post an alphabetical list of words you may come across during your writing career, so let me know if it helps! Here are some terms beginning with:


Active voice. Grammatically, where the subject performs the action of the verb: The dog jumps for the ball – ‘jumps’ is the active voice.

Adjective. Describes a noun or pronoun.

Advance. What we all aim for! If a publisher is interested in your work, you may be paid an advance to write your book – sometimes before you’ve actually written it!

Adverb. Gives more information about a verb, adverb, adjective or phrase. (Example: she said quietly (adverb).)

Allegory. A piece of work in which the characters or events represent qualities or ideas in relation to morals, politics or religion.

Antagonist. In a story, this is the person who is strongly opposed to the protagonist (the hero/heroine of the piece.)

Anthology. A compilation of stories, usually linked by a common theme.

Antonym. A word that means the opposite to another. E.g. little – large, happy – sad.

Attribution. Acknowledgement, or credit given to a person or thing. In a book, as a thank you to (xxx) for their help with (xxx).

Audience. The people you want to read your work!

Autobiography. The writer’s own life story.

Author. The person laying claim to the work. They may not, however, be the writer (see ghostwriter).

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